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Vol. XVI.1, Winter 2016

Volume XVI, Number 1

Winter 2016

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Table of Contents

  1. Editors' Introduction by Nancy Stanlick and Michael Strawseri
  2. "Arguments with Losers" by Andrew Aberdein1
  3. “Risk, Consent, and Externalities: How the Lack of a Global Basic Structure Implies a Right to Migrate” by Jeff Haines 12
  4. “Inferences, External Objects, and the Principle of Contradiction: Hume’s Adequacy Principle in Part II of the Treatise” by Wilson Underkuffler
  5. "Excluding the Problem: Bennett on Counterfactual Tests and Backtracking” by Katelyn Hallman
  6. "Pain Demands to Be Felt: Why We Choose to Engage With Tragic Works of Fiction” by Cheryl Frazier
  7. "An Ecological Account of Visual ‘Illusions’” by Luis H. Favela and Anthony Chemero
  8. “Is this a Truth-Maker which I See Before Me? Comments on Eli Chudnoff’s Intuition" by Richard N. Manning
  9. "Chudnoff on the Awareness of Abstract Objects” by D. Gene Witmer
  10. “Intuition, Presentational Phenomenology, and Awareness of Abstract Objects: Replies to Manning and Witmer" by Elijah Chudnoff
  11. Notes on Contributors

Arguments with Losers

Andrew Aberdein, Florida Institute of Technology

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