Philosophy Department

Graduate Programs

The Philosophy Department offers a number of opportunities for graduate study.


  • M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to pursue graduate study in concentrations such as Humanities, Contemporary Humanities, Ethics (Theoretical and Applied), or Cognitive Sciences


Students interested in continuing some form of graduate study after finishing their undergraduate major, graduate students enrolled in M.A. or Ph.D. programs who want to supplement their program with interdisciplinary study, teachers from local schools, and professionals from local institutions who want to enhance their educational credentials, may be interested in a Graduate Certificate in Ethics, Contemporary Humanities, or the Cognitive Sciences.

  • Cognitive Sciences is an interdisciplinary program focusing on specific topics in the study of natural and artificial cognitive systems. This interdisciplinary program draws from related courses in the departments of Communicative Disorders, Computer Science, English, Philosophy and Psychology
  • Theoretical and Applied Ethics
    Students in the Graduate Certificate in Theoretical and Applied Ethics program specialize in applying ethical theories and principles to complex contemporary situations. This interdisciplinary graduate certificate focuses on specific topics of ethical inquiry in philosophy, humanities, the arts, sciences, health care, business, education, criminal justice, public administration, public relations, journalism, politics and other areas.

Program Directors

Jonathan Beever

Research Interests: Environmental Bioethics; Simulation and Representation; Soundscape Ecology; Ethics and Science; Animal Ethics; Research Ethics

Mason Cash

Research Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of language; Ethics

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