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Humanities and Cultural Studies, B.A.

The new B.A. degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies enables students to receive solid foundations in the interdisciplinary study of cultures and meanings. Included is studying how human cultures have produced meaning in the past and continue to do so, reflecting critically on these productions, and learning relevant perspectives and meaningful interpretations that contribute to responsible engagement with the many different cultural expressions we encounter today.  Theoretically grounded, culturally diverse, and academically relevant, Humanities and Cultural Studies enables students to understand the production of meaning by human cultures and to focus on particular cultural or critical areas for more sustained study and applications. Throughout the degree program, students learn to read and think critically, write and argue persuasively, and engage in relevant research in the Humanities while developing their own skills of critical evaluation and constructive engagement. 

The B.A. requires 120 credit hours organized into several components:

  • Humanistic Foundations courses offer sustained study in specific historical periods of cultural production; students study Ancient, Medieval, Modern, or Contemporary expressions of human and cultural texts.
  • Theories & Methods courses teach familiarity with several critical theoretical methods that allow students to engage historical and contemporary cultural texts with an expansive “toolbox” of analytical approaches and relevant perspectives in hand, e.g. critical theoretical and postcolonial perspectives on literary texts or specific artistic productions, feminist or queer theoretical analysis of popular culture or historical visual texts, innovative examinations of digital cultural expressions, and theories of performance (of artistic pieces, literary and visual texts, or specific media cultures).  
  • Cultural Traditions and Topics courses focus on understanding and valuing global cultural traditions in depth (e.g. in African Humanities, Latin-American Humanities, or Asian Humanities) and require students to contextualize and critically engage several key topics in the Humanities (e.g. in interdisciplinary explorations of topics such as “justice,” “freedom,” “love” or “ Empire”  or through in-depth study of key thinkers in the Humanities such as Cornel West, Michel Foucault, Sarah Ahmed, or Stuart Hall.)
While many degree programs exist that allow students to pursue historical or literary or political study, the program in Humanities and Cultural Studies is unique in its intentionally interdisciplinary focus and its grounding in a Cultural Studies approach. This degree in Humanities and Cultural Studies is for students who are interested in obtaining key competencies in the liberal arts, such as thinking critically about the world we live in, who want to examine how meaning is generated, disseminated, and produced in social, political and economic spheres within a given culture, and who wish to combine historical, literary, artistic, philosophical, and related critical approaches in their interdisciplinary study.  Students pursuing this degree will learn solid research skills, will know how to read, think, and write critically, how to engage in research effectively, and they will thus develop necessary and usable skills in an increasingly culturally diverse and politically complex world.

Honors in the Major

Students considering graduate school are strongly encouraged to apply for Honors in the Major. Requirements are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog Requirements.

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Related Faculty

Bruce B. Janz

Research Interests: ; Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought ; Theories of Place/Space; Urban Studies; Environmental Thought; Contemporary European Philosophy: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Deleuze; Contemporary Cultural Theory & Aesthetics; Visual Culture; Technology & Culture; Digital Humanities; Theories of digitality; Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies; Scholarly Cognition; Philosophy & History of Mysticism; Religion, Philosophy & Culture

Lanlan Kuang

Research Interests: Asian Arts and Humanities; Heritage, Tradition, and Performative Memories; Silk Road and Dunhuang Studies; Folklore and Ethnomusicology; Multimedia and Film Studies; Aesthetics

Jeffrey Nall

Research Interests: Feminist studies of men and masculinity; Social conceptualizations of childbirth; Political philosophy and economic justice; Feminist theory and social philosophy; Philosophies of education; Gender and popular culture; Public intellectualism; Philosophy of protest and social change

Shelley M Park

Research Interests: Kinship studies, ethics of care, philosophy of love, queer theory, feminist theory, postcolonial theory, media and technology studies, cultural studies

Christian Ravela

Research Interests: 20th Century Multi-Ethnic Cultural Production, Comparative Racialization, Critical Ethnic Studies, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Asian American Studies, Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory, Social Movement History, Liberalism and the Left

Claudia Schippert

Research Interests: Queer Theory; Feminist Theories; American Cultural Studies; Religions in America; Ethics and Social Change.

Nicholas Shrubsole

Research Interests: The rights of Indigenous Peoples; Contemporary Indigenous Religious Traditions and Philosophy; Religious Freedom; Religion and the law; Religion and politics; Religion in Canada; Secularization

Jeanine Viau

Research Interests: Catholicism in America, gender and sexual ethics, feminist theology, queer studies in religion, social scientific methodologies in the study of religion 

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