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Philosophy Department

The Department of Philosophy is part of the UCF College of Arts and Humanities and houses majors, minors, and graduate certificates in Philosophy, Humanities & Cultural Studies, Religion & Cultural Studies, and Cognitive Sciences. Our diverse faculty teaches, researches, and publishes in a wide variety of areas including history of philosophy, the philosophy of embodiment, philosophy of mind, philosophy of space, place and time, feminist theories and feminist ethics, ethics in technology, biological, environmental and animal ethics, cultural philosophy (African, African American, Native American Philosophy), phenomenology, hermeneutics, folklore, art, religion, team cognition, and contemporary cultural theory.

The courses students will take concentrate on analyzing arguments, finding and constructing the meaning of philosophical and literary texts, works of art and other cultural products, and understanding the unique human achievements that are the very essence of what it is to study the humanities. With its mission statement, the department is committed to enabling students and faculty to engage in and advance knowledge in our disciplines. Degrees in philosophy, humanities, cognitive sciences, and religious studies are suited to a variety of professional and academic goals including careers in teaching, law, publishing, non-profit management, information and other technologies, and a broad range of knowledge in diverse fields.


Job Openings

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Humanities and Cultural Studies B.A.

New Humanities and Cultural Studies B.A.

As of Fall 2014, UCF undergraduate students can pursue a B.A in Humanities and Cultural Studies. The new degree is a substantial revision from the previously existing versions of a Humanities B.A. reflecting developments in contemporary scholarship, research areas of UCF faculty, and what is needed to understand and effectively engage the complex world we live in. The revisions have streamlined the Humanities program while maintaining the commitment to an interdisciplinary and critical study of the Humanities. The revised degree’s foundational courses continue to include courses with historical focus, but the degree now includes more theory and methods courses and has clarified the connection among the applications courses. Students will be able to see more clearly how courses are related to each other, how the skills and competencies learned build on each other, and will more readily recognize the relevance and application of a critical study of culture and meaning to their life and world. Students who are already pursuing HUM degrees under older catalog years will continue to do so, but students interested in switching to the new degree can do so. All new students will follow the new degree requirements.

Recent Faculty Publications

Michael Strawser, Ph.D.

Publication Image
Kierkegaard's God and the Good Life. Co-edited with J. Aaron Simmons and Stephen Minister. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2017.

Nancy A. Stanlick, Ph.D.

Publication Image
Stanlick, Nancy A., ed. The Essential Leviathan. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2016.

Jonathan Beever, Ph.D.

Publication Image
Beever, Jonathan and Vernon W. Cisney (eds). 2016. The Way of Nature and the Way of Grace: Philosophical Footholds on Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life. Northwestern University Press.

Lanlan Kuang, Ph.D.

Publication Image
Kuang, Lanlan. Dunhuang Performing Arts: The Construction and Transmission of “China-scape” in the Global Context, Social Science Academic Press. ISBN: 978-7-5097-8755-7. Available in: Harvard-Yenching LibraryPrinceton-Marquand Library of Art and ArchaeologyStanford East Asia LibraryUniv. Michigan Hatcher Graduate Asia LibraryOSU Music and Dance LibraryUCLA East Asian LibraryBrown University LibraryRice Fondren Library

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Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

Thursday, April 5, 2018; 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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December 01 2017

photoThe UCF student team from the Department of Philosophy won the Mid-Atlantic Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Competition held at the University of North Georgia’s BB&T Center for Ethical Leadership on Saturday, November 18, 2017. [Read More]

June 19 2017

Dr. Lanlan Kuang's research  on the Dunhuang Mogao Caves has been featured in UCF Today. Her research has centered around the digital preservation of cultural works within the cave systems. The article can be viewed here: http://today. [Read More]

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