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Philosophy, B.A.

The B.A. program centers on the principles of knowledge, responsibility and society. It provides students with opportunities to investigate the connections between intellectual pursuits and moral and public virtue. Questions to be investigated in courses include:

  • What are the marks of an intellectually virtuous person?
  • What are the qualities of wisdom and good judgment conducive to a successful life?
  • Which character traits are conducive to finding truth?
  • How are we responsible for the process and products of our investigations?
  • What are the connections between knowledge and power?
  • What is the relationship between intellectual responsibility, emotional responsiveness and social responsibility?
  • How do academic pursuits prepare us for public citizenry?
  • What is the relationship between theory and practice?

Grappling with such questions is of the utmost importance in a world too often characterized by interpersonal violence, cross-cultural misunderstandings, rapid technological development, and environmental crises. Indeed, these are arguably among the most pressing questions of the new millennium. The Philosophy program aims to provide students with the theoretical skills and knowledge to engage with the complex issues of our time. As Lorraine Code said:

Epistemic responsibility... is to be found in intellectual virtue and in... a certain orientation to the world and one's knowledge-seeking self as part of the world. An intellectually virtuous person would value knowing and understanding how things 'really' are, to the extent this is possible, renouncing both the temptation to live with partial explanations when fuller ones are attainable, and the temptation to live in fantasy or illusion. Such a person would consider it better to know, despite the comfortable complacency that a life indiscriminately governed by fantasy, and illusion, might offer.

Honors in the Major

Students considering graduate school are strongly encouraged to apply for Honors in the Major. Requirements are outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog Requirements. Additional information and requirements, can be found through the The Burnett Honors College website.

Philosophy-Law School 3 + 3 Programs

The Department of Philosophy participates in the UCF-FSU Law 3+3 Program and the UCF-FIU Law 3+3 Program. This 3+3 accelerated law program provides the opportunity to qualified UCF students majoring in Philosophy to seamlessly complete a UCF bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree at participating law schools in six rather than seven years. For additional information please visit Pre-Law 3+3 Programs.

More Information

Program Director

Donald E Jones

Research Interests: Philosophical Reasoning, Nanoethics, Metaphilosophy

Related Faculty

Jonathan Beever

Research Interests: Environmental Bioethics; Simulation and Representation; Soundscape Ecology; Ethics and Science; Animal Ethics; Research Ethics

William Butchard

Research Interests: Philosophy of Social Science: Law-like Explanation, Social Ontology; Philosophy of Mind: Mental Causation, Objects of Thought; Metaphysics: Grounding, A Priori Explanation

Mason Cash
  • Mason Cash
  • Program Director of Cognitive Sciences graduate certificate

Research Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of language; Ethics

Luis H. Favela

Research Interests: Philosophical: AOS: Philosophy of cognitive science; philosophy of mind; philosophy of science. AOC: Buddhism; ethics (esp. applied, bioethics, neuroethics); history (modern, existentialism)
Empirical: Dynamical systems modeling: Decision-making; neural dynamics. Perception-action: Affordance perception; sensory substitution and augmentation

Stephen M. Fiore

Research Interests: Shared Cognition; Technology as External Cognition; Collaborative Problem Solving; Narrative and Training; Technology and Learning; Narrative Systems for Teams

Christy Flanagan-Feddon

Research Interests: Feuerbach, Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Culture, 19th-20th Century Continental Philosophy, Christian Tradition, Ethics, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

Luciana Garbayo

Research Interests: Philosophy of Science (Modeling, Measurement, Scientific Discovery & Experimentation),  Epistemology (Formal, Computational, Epist. of Disagreement, Social & Virtue Epistemology) Metaphysics (Modeling Time/Space, Disease Ontology)  Philosophy of Medicine, Life Sciences (Evolutionary Biology)  Bioethics/Medical Ethics (Medical Decision-Making, Metrics and Health Policy)

Bruce B. Janz

Research Interests: ; Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought ; Theories of Place/Space; Urban Studies; Environmental Thought; Contemporary European Philosophy: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Deleuze; Contemporary Cultural Theory & Aesthetics; Visual Culture; Technology & Culture; Digital Humanities; Theories of digitality; Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies; Scholarly Cognition; Philosophy & History of Mysticism; Religion, Philosophy & Culture

Donald E Jones

Research Interests: Philosophical Reasoning, Nanoethics, Metaphilosophy

Jennifer Mundale

Research Interests: Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Neurophilosophical aspects of Cognitive Science, Critical Thinking.

Jeffrey Nall

Research Interests: Feminist studies of men and masculinity; Social conceptualizations of childbirth; Political philosophy and economic justice; Feminist theory and social philosophy; Philosophies of education; Gender and popular culture; Public intellectualism; Philosophy of protest and social change

Shelley M Park

Research Interests: Kinship studies, ethics of care, philosophy of love, queer theory, feminist theory, postcolonial theory, media and technology studies, cultural studies

Nancy A. Stanlick

Research Interests: Ethics; Social Philosophy; Academic Ethics; History of Modern and American Philosophy; History of Ideas

Michael Strawser

Research Interests: Kierkegaard, Spinoza, Continental Philosophy (Modern & Contemporary), Ethics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Love, Philosophy of Religion

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