Philosophy Department

Faculty and Staff


Michael Strawser

Research Interests: Kierkegaard, Spinoza, Continental Philosophy (Modern & Contemporary), Ethics, Philosophy of Love, Philosophy of Religion


Bruce B. Janz

Research Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy ; Theories of Place/Space; Urban Studies; Environmental Thought; Contemporary European Philosophy: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Deleuze; Contemporary Cultural Theory & Aesthetics; Visual Culture; Digital Humanities; Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies; Philosophy & History of Mysticism

Nancy A. Stanlick

Research Interests: Ethics; Social Philosophy; Academic Ethics; History of Modern and American Philosophy

Mason Cash

Research Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of language; Ethics

Stephen Fiore

Research Interests: Narrative and training; technology and learning; narrative systems for teams

Husain Kassim
Jennifer Mundale

Research Interests: Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Neurophilosophical aspects of Cognitive Science, Critical Thinking.

Shelley M Park

Research Interests: queer kinship; transracial adoption; polymaternal families; the ethics of care in a technological era; home and homelands

Claudia Schippert

Research Interests: The central focus of Dr. Schippert's research in queer theory and religion is the body: how bodies are discursively constructed in religious traditions as well as in American culture; how popular culture and various media affect representations and practices of bodies; and how these questions can be pursued in ways that call attention to the role of gender, race, and sexuality in contemporary society.

Ann Gleig

Research Interests: Asian religions, Asian religions in America, Religion and Psychoanalysis

Donald E Jones

Research Interests: Philosophical Reasoning, Nanoethics, Metaphilosophy

Lanlan Kuang

Research Interests: Cultural Heritage, Chinese Aesthetics, Tradition and Avant-garde, Museum and Tourism, Performance Studies, Media Studies, Identity and Body Politics, Institutionalization, Buddhist and Taoist arts.

Harry Scott Coverston

Research Interests: Education and the Humanities, LBGT justice issues, Stages of moral/faith development (Kohlberg, Gilligan, Rest, Fowler, Beck, Wilber); Latin American Humanities; Liberation theology; State killing attitudes and religious correlates; Ethics and Torture and Genocide; Religion in America; Religion in the 21st Century; Juergen Habermas/Frankfurt School; Holocaust studies

Sabatino DiBernardo

Research Interests: Pyrrhonian Skepticism; Philosophy of Religion; Deconstruction; Philosophy, Religion and Popular Culture

Doug Evans

Research Interests:
History, Humanities, religion studies, cultural studies in historical contexts, social anthropology

Nam Nguyen

Research Interests: Continental philosophy, Pragmatism, Philosophical theology, Existentialism, and Ethics

Matthew Bower

Research Interests: Phenomenology, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind, embodiment, normative ethics, applied ethics

William Butchard

Research Interests: Philosophy of Social Science; Philosophy of Mind; Metaphysics

Jeanine Viau

Research Interests: Catholicism in America, theological ethics, gender and sexual diversity, social scientific methodologies in the study of religion 

Part-time Faculty

Christy Flanagan-Feddon

Research Interests: Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, 19th-20th Century European Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion, Christian Tradition

Didi Jackson

Research Interests: Humanities, Ekphrastic Poetry, Postmodern Visual Arts, Art of the 20th Century, Art and Art History, Contemporary American Poetry


Cathy Baust
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