Philosophy Department

Faculty and Staff


Michael Strawser

Research Interests: Kierkegaard, Spinoza, Continental Philosophy (Modern & Contemporary), Ethics, Philosophy of Love, Philosophy of Religion


Bruce B. Janz

Research Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy ; Theories of Place/Space; Urban Studies; Environmental Thought; Contemporary European Philosophy: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, Deleuze; Contemporary Cultural Theory & Aesthetics; Visual Culture; Digital Humanities; Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies; Philosophy & History of Mysticism

Nancy A. Stanlick

Research Interests: Ethics; Social Philosophy; Academic Ethics; History of Modern and American Philosophy

Mason Cash

Research Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of language; Ethics

Stephen Fiore

Research Interests: Narrative and training; technology and learning; narrative systems for teams

Husain Kassim
Jennifer Mundale

Research Interests: Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Neurophilosophical aspects of Cognitive Science, Critical Thinking.

Shelley M Park

Research Interests: queer kinship; transracial adoption; polymaternal families; the ethics of care in a technological era; home and homelands

Claudia Schippert

Research Interests: The central focus of Dr. Schippert's research in queer theory and religion is the body: how bodies are discursively constructed in religious traditions as well as in American culture; how popular culture and various media affect representations and practices of bodies; and how these questions can be pursued in ways that call attention to the role of gender, race, and sexuality in contemporary society.

Ann Gleig

Research Interests: Asian religions, Asian religions in America, Religion and Psychoanalysis

Donald E Jones

Research Interests: Philosophical Reasoning, Nanoethics, Metaphilosophy

Lanlan Kuang

Research Interests: Cultural Heritage, Chinese Aesthetics, Tradition and Avant-garde, Museum and Tourism, Performance Studies, Media Studies, Identity and Body Politics, Institutionalization, Buddhist and Taoist arts.

Harry Scott Coverston

Research Interests: Education and the Humanities, LBGT justice issues, Stages of moral/faith development (Kohlberg, Gilligan, Rest, Fowler, Beck, Wilber); Latin American Humanities; Liberation theology; State killing attitudes and religious correlates; Ethics and Torture and Genocide; Religion in America; Religion in the 21st Century; Juergen Habermas/Frankfurt School; Holocaust studies

Sabatino DiBernardo

Research Interests: Pyrrhonian Skepticism; Philosophy of Religion; Deconstruction; Philosophy, Religion and Popular Culture

Doug Evans

Research Interests:
History, Humanities, religion studies, cultural studies in historical contexts, social anthropology

Matthew Bower

Research Interests: Phenomenology, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind, embodiment, normative ethics, applied ethics

William Butchard

Research Interests: Philosophy of Social Science; Philosophy of Mind; Metaphysics

Jeanine Viau

Research Interests: Catholicism in America, theological ethics, gender and sexual diversity, social scientific methodologies in the study of religion 

Part-time Faculty

Anthony Crisafi

Research Interests: My research includes digital humanities, phenomenology, extended and embodied cognition, and critical theory.  In my work I  argue that while much of the field of New Media Studies focuses on poststructural and postmodern discourses concerning media and technology, phenomenology, with its emphasis on the relationship between intentional consciousness and the actualized text, can contribute both to theory and to methodology for studying how digital media is more than merely a representation of materialist textual practices.  I specifically research the areas of digital and networked art, cultural contexts of digital humanities, the history of texts and technology, as well as their relationship to extended and embodied cognition.

Didi Jackson

Research Interests: Humanities, Ekphrastic Poetry, Postmodern Visual Arts, Art of the 20th Century, Art and Art History, Contemporary American Poetry

Mathew Jacob

Research Interests: Christian Theology; Orthodox Theology; Severus of Antioch; Patristics; World Religions; Humanities; Baroque Paintings; Writings of Paulose Mar Gregorios; Early Christian Mysticism

Nam Nguyen

Research Interests: Continental philosophy, Pragmatism, Philosophical theology, Existentialism, and Ethics

Nick Ruiz

Research Interests: Critical theory and cultural studies


Cathy Baust
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