Philosophy Department

Nancy A. Stanlick

Nancy A. Stanlick, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of South Florida (1995)
  • M.A. in Philosophy from University of South Florida (1983)

Research Interests

  • Ethics
  • Social Philosophy
  • Academic Ethics
  • History of Modern and American Philosophy

Recent Research Activities

  • Hobbes's Leviathan, edited, with introduction, notes, and commentary, Hackett, 2016.
  • Area Editor, "American Philosophy," Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015. 

  • Asking Good Questions: Case Studies in Ethics and Critical Thinking. Hackett, 2015.

  • American Philosophy: The Basics, Routledge 2013.

  • Academic Ethics
  • The moral value of forgiveness

Selected Publications


  • Stanlick, Nancy A., ed. The Essential Leviathan. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2016.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. and Michael Strawser. Asking Good Questions: Case Studies in Ethics and Critical Thinking. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2015.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. American Philosophy: The Basics. London: Routledge, 2013.
  • Silver, Bruce S. and Nancy A. Stanlick. Philosophy in America. Volume II. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. and Bruce S. Silver. Philosophy in America. Volume I. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004.


  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Philosophy," Presidential Address, Florida Philosophical Review. Vol. XIII, 2014.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Reconciling with Harm: An Alternative to Forgiveness and Revenge," Florida Philosophical Review, Vol. X., Summer 2010, 88-111.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Individual-Centered Collaborative Research," Teaching Philosophy, March 2007.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Creating an Honors Community: A Virtue Ethics Approach," The Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Spring/Summer 2006: 75-91.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "A Hobbesian View of International Sovereignty," Journal of Social Philosophy, 37:4 Winter 2006, 552-565.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Individualism, Community, and Academic Integrity," Selected Papers from the 16th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, ed. Jack A. Chambers, Jacksonville, FL., Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. March 2005: 171-184.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Hobbesian Friendship: Valuing Others for Oneself," Journal of Social Philosophy, 33:3 Fall 2002: 345-359.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "Lords and Mothers: Silent Subjects in Hobbes's Political Theory," International Journal of Politics and Ethics, 1:3, 2002: 171-182.
  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "The Nature and Value of Supererogatory Actions," Journal of Social Philosophy, 20:1 (Spring 1999): 209-222.

Book Sections/Chapters

  • Stanlick, Nancy A. "One Hundred Years of American Ethics: Pluralistic, Pragmatic Coherence," Vol. 11: Historical Essays in 20th Century American Philosophy, ed. John R. Shook, Series Editor, Richard T. Hull. Philosophy Documentation Center, 2015: 409-430.


  • Burnett Honors College Honors Congress, Faculty Excellence Award (2011)
  • Teaching Incentive Program (2009)
  • CAH Oustanding Achievement Award (2008)
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (2006)
  • Teaching Incentive Program (2004)
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2003)
  • Teaching with Technology (2003)

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