The Department of Philosophy at UCF offers undergraduate and graduate programs in humanities & cultural studies, philosophy, religion & cultural studies, cognitive sciences and ethics.

Our faculty and students pursue knowledge in diverse disciplines. Our programs emphasize the theoretical skills and knowledge to engage with complex issues of our time and provide a foundation for the pursuit of professional and academic goals in many fields including teaching, law, publishing, non-profit management, information and technology.

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We offer programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level as well as courses for majors and non-majors alike.

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Our newsletter for the Fall 2020 semester is out. Check out what’s new in the department this semester.

Spring 2020 Newsletter
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Upcoming Events

Join us for a chat on Interfaith Dialogue with Dr. Christy Flanagan-Feddon and Dr. Ann Gleig. Topics to be discussed include "Pluralism and Justice", and "Buddhism and BLM," with a short Q & A session to follow. Will be presented…



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Nancy A. Stanlick
Beever, Jonathan, Rudy McDaniel, and Nancy Stanlick, Understanding Digital Ethics: Cases and Contexts, London: Routledge, 2020
Jonathan Beever
Beever, J., McDaniel R., Stanlick, N. (2018). Understanding Digital Ethics: Cases and Contexts. Routledge.
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Nicholas Shrubsole
Shrubsole, N. What Has no Place Remains: The Challenges for Indigenous Religious Freedom in Canada Today. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

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