Full-Time Faculty

Michael  Strawser Full-Time Faculty
Michael Strawser
Department Chair, Professor
Interests: Kierkegaard, Spinoza, Continental Philosophy (Modern & Contemporary), Ethics, Phenomenolog...
Jonathan  Beever Full-Time Faculty
Jonathan Beever
Program Director of Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Assistant Professor
Interests: Environmental Bioethics; Simulation and Representation; Soundscape Ecology; Ethics and Sci...
Mason  Cash Full-Time Faculty
Mason Cash
Program Director of Cognitive Sciences graduate certificate, Associate Professor
Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science; Philosophy of mind; Philosophy of language; Ethics...
Donald E Jones Full-Time Faculty
Donald E Jones
Program Director of Philosophy, Assistant Professor
Interests: Philosophical Reasoning, Nanoethics, Metaphilosophy...
Jennifer  Mundale Full-Time Faculty
Jennifer Mundale
Program Director of Cognitive Sciences minor program, Associate Professor
Interests: Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Neurophilosophical aspects of Cognitive Scie...
Sabatino  DiBernardo Full-Time Faculty
Sabatino DiBernardo
Associate Lecturer
Interests: Philosophy, Religion, and Popular Music; Irony Studies; Metal Music Studies; Deconstructio...
Mark  Fagiano Full-Time Faculty
Mark Fagiano
Visiting Lecturer
Interests: Ethics, American Pragmatism, Philosophy of Race, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosop...
Luis H. Favela Full-Time Faculty
Luis H. Favela
Assistant Professor
Interests: Philosophical: AOS: Philosophy of cognitive sciences; philosoph...
Stephen M. Fiore Full-Time Faculty
Stephen M. Fiore
Interests: Shared Cognition; Technology as External Cognition; Collaborative Problem Solving; Narrati...
Christy  Flanagan-Feddon Full-Time Faculty
Christy Flanagan-Feddon
Interests: Feuerbach, Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Culture, 19th-20th Century Continental Phi...
Luciana  Garbayo Full-Time Faculty
Luciana Garbayo
Assistant Professor
Interests: Philosophy of Science (Modeling, Measurement, Scientific Discovery & Experimentation), ...
Ann  Gleig Full-Time Faculty
Ann Gleig
Associate Professor
Interests: Asian religions, Asian religions in America, Religion and Psychoanalysis...
Derek Green Full-Time Faculty
Derek Green
Interests: Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Language...
Bruce B. Janz Full-Time Faculty
Bruce B. Janz
Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought ; Theories of Place/Space; Urb...
Michael Muhammad Knight Full-Time Faculty
Michael Muhammad Knight
Assistant Professor
Interests: Islamic studies, American Islam, hadith literature, gender studies, theories of the body, ...
Lanlan  Kuang Full-Time Faculty
Lanlan Kuang
Associate Professor
Interests: Asian Arts and Humanities; Aesthetics; Heritage and Tradition; Performative Memories; Sil...
Shelley M Park Full-Time Faculty
Shelley M Park
Interests: Kinship studies, ethics of care, philosophy of love, queer theory, feminist theory, postco...
Christian  Ravela Full-Time Faculty
Christian Ravela
Assistant Professor
Interests: 20th Century Multi-Ethnic Cultural Production, Comparative Racialization, Critical Ethnic ...
Claudia  Schippert Full-Time Faculty
Claudia Schippert
Associate Professor
Interests: Queer Theory; Feminist Theories; American Cultural Studies; Religions in America; Ethics a...
Nicholas  Shrubsole Full-Time Faculty
Nicholas Shrubsole
Interests: The rights of Indigenous Peoples; Contemporary Indigenous Religious Traditions and Philoso...
Nancy A. Stanlick Full-Time Faculty
Nancy A. Stanlick
Interests: Ethics; Social Philosophy; Academic Ethics; History of Modern and American Philosophy; His...
Jeanine  Viau Full-Time Faculty
Jeanine Viau
Interests: Catholicism in America, gender and sexual ethics, feminist theology, queer studies in reli...
Cyrus Ali Zargar Full-Time Faculty
Cyrus Ali Zargar
Associate Professor of Islamic Studies

Part-time Faculty

Remy Christopher Ansiello Part-time Faculty
Remy Christopher Ansiello
Interests: Peace and Justice, Social Equality, Scandinavian Contemporary Issues, Existentialism, Meta...
Katherine  Bailey Part-time Faculty
Katherine Bailey
Interests: Humanities, Victorian Era, Gothic Literature, Film...
William  Butchard Part-time Faculty
William Butchard
Interests: Philosophy of Social Science: Law-like Explanation, Social Ontology; Philosophy of Mind: M...
Mathew Mathew Jacob Part-time Faculty
Mathew Mathew Jacob
Interests: Christian Theology; Orthodox Theology; Severus of Antioch; Patristics; World Religions; Hu...
Kevin McKenna Part-time Faculty
Kevin McKenna
Interests: Neoliberal Political Economic Theory, Ecocritical Theory, New Materialism, Theories of Spa...
Jeffrey  Nall Part-time Faculty
Jeffrey Nall
Interests: Feminist studies of men and masculinity; Social conceptualizations of childbirth; Politica...
Nam  Nguyen Part-time Faculty
Nam Nguyen
Interests: Continental philosophy, Pragmatism, Philosophical theology, Existentialism, and Ethics...
Peter Olen Part-time Faculty
Peter Olen
Interests: The history and philosophy of science, American philosophy, and epistemology. ...

Support Staff

Angela Harris Support Staff
Angela Harris
Administrative Assistant III
Maribel  Herrera Support Staff
Maribel Herrera
Administrative Assistant II