Full-Time Faculty

Michael  Strawser Full-Time Faculty
Michael Strawser
Department Chair
Interests: Kierkegaard, Spinoza, Continental Philosophy (Modern & Contemporary)…
Jonathan  Beever Full-Time Faculty
Jonathan Beever
of Theoretical and Applied Ethics
Interests: Environmental Bioethics, Simulation and Representation…
Mason  Cash Full-Time Faculty
Mason Cash
of Cognitive Sciences graduate certificate
Interests: Philosophy of cognitive science, Philosophy of mind…
Karina Cespedes Full-Time Faculty
Karina Cespedes
Assistant Professor
Interests: Research areas include U.S. Women of Color feminist thought and praxis…
Sabatino  DiBernardo Full-Time Faculty
Sabatino DiBernardo
Associate Lecturer
Interests: Philosophy, Religion, and Popular Music, Irony Studies…
Stacey L. DiLiberto Full-Time Faculty
Stacey L. DiLiberto
Interests: Caribbean and Postcolonial literature, Latin American Studies…
Mark  Fagiano Full-Time Faculty
Mark Fagiano
Visiting Lecturer
Interests: Ethics, American Pragmatism, Philosophy of Race…
Luis H. Favela Full-Time Faculty
Luis H. Favela
Assistant Professor
Interests: Philosophical: AOS: Philosophy of cognitive sciences…
Stephen M. Fiore Full-Time Faculty
Stephen M. Fiore
Interests: Shared Cognition, Technology as External Cognition…
Christy  Flanagan-Feddon Full-Time Faculty
Christy Flanagan-Feddon
Program Director of Religion & Cultural Studies
Interests: Feuerbach, Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Culture…
Luciana  Garbayo Full-Time Faculty
Luciana Garbayo
Assistant Professor
Interests: Philosophy of Science (Modeling, Measurement…
Ann  Gleig Full-Time Faculty
Ann Gleig
Associate Professor
Interests: Asian religions, Asian religions in America, Religion and Psychoanalysis…
Derek Alexander Green Full-Time Faculty
Derek Alexander Green
Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language.
Bruce B. Janz Full-Time Faculty
Bruce B. Janz
Interests: Contemporary African Philosophy; Postcolonial Thought …
Donald E Jones Full-Time Faculty
Donald E Jones
of Philosophy
Interests: Philosophical Reasoning, Nanoethics, Metaphilosophy.
Michael Muhammad Knight Full-Time Faculty
Michael Muhammad Knight
Assistant Professor
Interests: Islamic studies, American Islam, hadith literature…
Lanlan  Kuang Full-Time Faculty
Lanlan Kuang
Associate Professor
Interests: Asian Arts and Humanities, Aesthetics, Heritage and Tradition…
Jennifer  Mundale Full-Time Faculty
Jennifer Mundale
of Cognitive Sciences minor program
Interests: Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Neurophilosophical aspects of Cognitive Science…
Shelley M Park Full-Time Faculty
Shelley M Park
Interests: Kinship studies, ethics of care, philosophy of love…
Christian  Ravela Full-Time Faculty
Christian Ravela
Assistant Professor
Interests: 20th Century Multi-Ethnic Cultural Production…
Claudia  Schippert Full-Time Faculty
Claudia Schippert
Associate Professor
Interests: Queer Theory, Feminist Theories, American Cultural Studies…
Nicholas  Shrubsole Full-Time Faculty
Nicholas Shrubsole
Interests: The rights of Indigenous Peoples, Contemporary Indigenous Religious Traditions and Philosophy…
Nancy A. Stanlick Full-Time Faculty
Nancy A. Stanlick
Assistant Department Chair
Interests: Ethics, Social Philosophy, Academic Ethics, History of Modern and American Philosophy…
Jeanine  Viau Full-Time Faculty
Jeanine Viau
Interests: Catholicism in America, gender and sexual ethics…

Part-time Faculty

Remy Christopher Ansiello Part-time Faculty
Remy Christopher Ansiello
Interests: Peace and Justice, Social Equality, Scandinavian Contemporary Issues…
Katherine  Bailey Part-time Faculty
Katherine Bailey
Interests: Humanities, Victorian Era, Gothic Literature, Film.
William  Butchard Part-time Faculty
William Butchard
Interests: Philosophy of Social Science: Law-like Explanation, Social Ontology…
Mathew Mathew Jacob Part-time Faculty
Mathew Mathew Jacob
Interests: Christian Theology, Orthodox Theology, Severus of Antioch…
Kevin McKenna Part-time Faculty
Kevin McKenna
Interests: Neoliberal Political Economic Theory, Ecocritical Theory…
Jeffrey  Nall Part-time Faculty
Jeffrey Nall
Interests: Feminist studies of men and masculinity, Social conceptualizations of childbirth…
Nam  Nguyen Part-time Faculty
Nam Nguyen
Interests: Continental philosophy, Pragmatism, Philosophical theology…
Peter Olen Part-time Faculty
Peter Olen
Interests: The history and philosophy of science, American philosophy…

Support Staff

Angela Harris Support Staff
Angela Harris
Administrative Assistant III
Maribel  Herrera Support Staff
Maribel Herrera
Administrative Assistant II