Luciana Garbayo

Luciana Garbayo, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Email:
  • Phone: 407-823-4347
  • Office Hours: Fall 2017: Thursdays 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. or by appointment
  • Campus Location: PSY0229


Visiting positions: 
Dartmouth College, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, 2018
Yale-Hastings, Ethics Theory & Policy Scholar, 2014
Massachusetts General Hospital, ITA, 2013
Mongan Institute, Harvard Medical School, 2012
University of Arizona, Philosophy Department, NEH Fellow, 2012
Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto, 2009


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University
  • M.D. from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Research Interests

Philosophy of Science (Modeling, Measurement, Scientific Discovery & Experimentation),

Epistemology (Formal, Computational, Epist. of Disagreement, Social & Virtue Epistemology)

Metaphysics (Modeling Time/Space, Disease Ontology) 

Philosophy of Medicine, Life Sciences (Evolutionary Biology) 

Bioethics/Medical Ethics/Information (Data) Ethics (Medical Decision-Making, Metrics and Health Policy)

Recent Research Activities

Topics of Interest include:

- Ethics in the medical practice, shared decision-making, patient engagement, organizational ethics for learning health systems

- Prescriptive and descriptive philosophy of medical decision making, medical simulation and future studies

- Dialogue and moral disagreement

- Debiasing in decision making, in disagreement

- The epistemology of expert disagreement, medical guidelines disagreement (epistemic logic, computational modeling, natural language processing), medical uncertainty and medical error (overdiagnosis and overtreatment)

- Medical diagnosis, logic and reasoning

- Measurement and metrics in medicine, information (data) ethics, big data and learning systems

- Data-driven and hypothesis driven science: data harmonization and integration 

- Scientific visualization, spatial and temporal reasoning in biology and medicine, semantic modeling, graphic and diagrammatic logic

Current Graduate Advisees:

Renata Breves, MD. Doctoral track. Topic: Ethics and Shared Decision-Making: Preventing Epistemic Injustice in the ICU. Masters track. Thesis: The ICU as an Epistemic System. PPGBIOS/UNESCO International Bioethics Network.

Vanessa Triches Pezente, Doctoral track. Topic: Shared Decision-Making and Pharmacological Consultation for Palliative Care in the ICU. Treatments with Genetic Diagnostic Component, PPGBIOS/UNESCO International Bioethics Network.

Marcio Moreira, Doctoral track. Topic: Shared Decision-Making for Disphagic Patients in the ICU. PPGBIOS/UNESCO International Bioethics Network.


Pabst Steinmetz Foundation Arts & Wellness Innovation Award

Houghton Dalrymple Memorial Award, Best Philosophy Conference Paper, NMT Philosophical Society

National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellow, Experimental Philosophy Program, Philosophy Department, U. of Arizona

First Place Research Prize Dr. Bussamara Leme, Best Latin-American Research on Obstetrics, Perinatology Latin-American Conference

Honorable Mention Prize, Environmental Health, National Public Health Association, Brazil

National Leader in Health Education AIDs/HIV Recognition Award. Fellow, Partners of America

Teaching Distinction Award, Medical Student Collective, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Cairo + 5 UN Agenda Distinction Award, Rio de Janeiro State Council for Women's Rights

Young Women Leaders Award, Caritas


Research & Development:

Research Projects:

2018 Pabst Steinmetz Foundation Arts & Wellness Innovation Award

Interdisciplinary, Intercollegial and Interinstitutional Collaboration between College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Medicine, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts: 

The Arts and Aging: An Interdisciplinary and Intergenerational Initiative

UCF College of Medicine Research Grant: Logic, Statistics & Medicine: Teaching Bayesian Reasoning.  2016 - 2018

2016 - 2018 UCF ERGO Medical Education Department Research Grant, College of Medicine: Learning Critically & Confidently from Productive Mistakes UCF ERGO Medical Education Department Research Grant

2017 -  Arts, Humanities & Natural Sciences, Research Collaboration, with Mark Verrette, Cello DMA:

Conference Organization and Professional Development Opportunities:

 Philosophy Conference Co-Organization:

2016 Medical Knowledge in a Social World, University of California, Irvine (Medical Humanities Initiatives), at

2015 NSF Sponsored Conference (Award Number 1205273 PI: Peter Garik, Co-PI: Alisa Bokulich): Center for the History and Philosophy of Science at Boston University and College of Education - II Conference Meeting: How Can the History and Philosophy of Science Contribute to Contemporary Science Teaching?

Professional Development for the State of Florida Workshop Co-organization:

2016 ARHQ Shared Decision-Making "Train the Trainer" Workshop, at UCF College of Medicine (first training in the region).

Selected Publications in Philosophy (last 5 years and forthcoming):

Garbayo, L, An Introduction to Moral Argumentation, Cooperative Communication and Disagreement in Ethics (in progress).

Edited Volumes:
Garbayo, L, Expert disagreement & measurement. Philosophical disunity in logic, epistemology and philosophy of science. Springer. Book Volume under contract (in progress).

Holman, B, Garbayo, L., Bernecker, S. (guest editors) “Medical Knowledge in a Social World”, Special volume, Synthese International Journal of Philosophy, 2018 (Online First -

Book Review:
“Discovering a pluralistic medicine while overcoming art and science analyses: Solomon’s social epistemology reveals the contemporary untidy making of medical knowledge”. Invited Review, Miriam Solomon, “Making Medical Knowledge”, Oxford University Press, 2015. The American Journal of Bioethics, 17(1); W7-W9, 2017.

Journal Articles:
Garbayo L, Stahl J., 2017. “Simulation as an ethical imperative and epistemic responsibility for the implementation of medical guidelines in health care”. Med Health Care Philos. Mar; 20 (1):37-42.

Garbayo, L. “A naturalized bridge to (a weak conservative and moderate autonomous) virtue epistemology: contributions of experimentally shifted contexts of justification to the virtuous self-articulation of de se and de re beliefs”, New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society Presidential Address, In Southwest Philosophical Studies, Vol. 37, August 2017.

Garbayo, L, “Constructibility in mathematics: a counterfactual approach to Non-Euclidean geometries in Kant’s philosophy of imagination”. In Southwest Philosophical Studies. Vol. 35, October 2015; Houghton Dalrymple Memorial Award.

Garik, Peter; Garbayo, Luciana S; Benetreau-Dupin, Yann; Winrich, Chuck; Duffy, Andrew; Gross, Nicholas & Jeriwala, Manher. ‘Teaching Teachers the Conceptual History of Physics’ in Science & Education, Contributions of History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science, and Mathematics, May 2015, Vol. 24, pp. 387-408.

Sousa* T. C. M., Barcellos, C., Oliveira, A. F., Schramm, J, Garbayo, L. The environmental burden of diarrhea in young children attributable to inadequate sanitation in Brazil, 2014. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development Vol 4 No 3 pp. 509–520 © IWA Publishing 2014 doi:10.2166/washdev. 2014.129  *advisee

Garbayo, L, Proceduralism and implicatures in dialogue: Reflections on improving rational cooperation under bounded reasoning conditions. Language and Dialogue 2:1 (2012). 2012. vi, 189 pp. (pp. 122–139).

Garbayo L., Ceberio M., Bistarelli S., Henderson J. 2018 (Online September 2017) “On Modeling Multi-experts Multi-criteria Decision-Making Argumentation and Disagreement: Philosophical and Computational Approaches Reconsidered”. In: Ceberio M., Kreinovich V. (eds.) Constraint Programming and Decision Making: Theory and Applications. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, vol 100. Springer.

Garbayo L., 2014. Epistemic Considerations on Expert Disagreement, Normative Justification, and Inconsistency Regarding Multi-criteria Decision Making. Constraint Programming and Decision Making. 539:35-45.

Garbayo, L.,“Towards an ethical metrics in public health.” (In Portuguese) Sergio Rego et al. (Ed.), Justice and Public Health, National School of Public Health Press (in press)

Refereed Conference Publications:

Zadrozny W & Garbayo L., 2018 A Sheaf Model of Contradictions and Disagreements: Preliminary Report and Discussion. International Symposium of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, Fort Lauderdale, January.

Zadrovzny W, Hamatalian H, Garbayo L., 2017. Towards Semantic Modeling of Contradictions and Disagreements: A Case Study of Medical Guidelines. 12th International Conference on Computational
Semantics (IWCS) full paper to appear at ACS Anthology

Sousa* T. C. M., Garbayo, L., Barcellos, C., 2017. “Glocal GDB use of subnational data and attributable risk factors by regions in the context of the United Nations Millennium Objectives: A case study of the GBD estimation in children attributable to WASH in Brazil”. Poster. 20th Global Burden of Disease Metrics Celebration & Training, University of Washington at Seattle, Institute of Health Metrics, September.

Garbayo L, Zadrovzny W, Hamalatian H, Stahl J., 2017. “On Conceiving and Re-Conceiving Overdiagnosis: From Ostensive, to Explicative and Stipulative Definitions and their Applications in Breast Cancer Research and Medical Care”. Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference, Oxford Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine, BMJ, Consumers Reports, WISE, AQP; August; Quebec.

Garbayo L, Stahl J., 2016. On Successfully Implementing Medical Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening: A Role for Agent-Based Simulation Analysis in Mitigating Overdiagnosis. Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference, Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, BMJ, Consumer Reports, AQUAS, WISE; 2016; Barcelona, Catalunia, Spain.
documents/2016_Posters/LucianaGarbayo_ JamesStahl.pdf.

Garbayo L, Zadrovzny W, Hamalatian H, Stahl J., 2017, Medical Guidelines Multi-Experts Multi-
Criteria Decision-Making Disagreement Problem: Interdisciplinary Epistemic and Ethical Analyses of
Knowledge Norms in the Breast Cancer Screening Overdiagnosis Debate. In : Howick J, editor. Book of Abstracts. Too Much Medicine: How Can Philosophy of Medicine Help to Improve Research and Medical Care?; April; Oxford, OX, UK. Oxford University, Nuffield Department of Primary Care. 

Garbayo, L & Kay, D. “Enhancing Moral Sensitivity by Debiasing Medical Judgment.”, 2017. Book of Abstracts. International Association for Medical Education (AMEE),

Garbayo, L.“Philosophy of Medicine as Philosophy of Science-in-Practice: An Inquiry on the Convergence of Epistemic and Ethical Justification in Public Health Metrics." Book of Abstracts. Social Knowledge in a Social World International Conference, University of California, Irvine, 2016.

Garbayo L, Giesenhagen E, Stahl J., 2016. "Nudging and/or Boosting? An Inquiry on the Ethical
Justification of Norms for Modeling and Implementation of Evidence-Based Policy And Clinical
Practice for Patient Engagement". 38th Annual North American Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making,Book of Abstracts; Vancouver, Canada.

Garbayo, L, “Coordinating Measurement and World in Medicine: A Model-Based Approach to the Introduction of the Metric System Standardization in the XIXth and XXth Centuries”, 2016. Philosophy of Science Association Biannual Meeting, Atlanta, November, at

Garbayo, L,“De-semantification and re-semantification of Deep and Expert Disagreements: Inquiries on Formalization Design and Adequacy Criteria”. 15th Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, CLMPS, Helsinki, August, 2015. Online at

Garbayo, L.“Philosophy of Medicine in a Philosophy of Science in Practice Framework: Valuation in Health Metrics Models and Policies”. 5th Annual Conference. Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology. University of Texas at Dallas, May, 2015.

Garbayo, L., “Philosophers’ Expert Contribution to Public Health Policy: teasing out and weaving in the representational and interventional normative dimensions of the WHO’s Global Burden of Disease Metrics”, 2014. Book of Abstracts, Durham University, Philosophical Activism Workshop, Durham Castle, England.

Garbayo, L, “Moral Dumbfounding and Relevance Theory”. AMPRA, American Pragmatics, Book of Abstracts, 2012.

Garbayo, L. “Distributed Cognition and the Problem of Impaired Social and Biological Coordination.” Biosemiotics Conference, Book of Abstracts, Odense, Denmark, 2012.


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