Dalai Lama’s Personal Doctor to Speak at UCF

March 31, 2011  Dr. Barry Kerzin, a Buddhist monk and personal physician to the Dalai Lama, will give two presentations to students and lead a public workshop at the University of Central Florida. Kerzin is a licensed physician who gave up his traditional medical practice in the United States to charitably serve high...

UCF Ethics Bowl team wins national competition

March 07, 2011  The UCF Ethics Bowl Team has won the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Competition. The competition was held in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE). UCF triumphed over 31 top-scoring teams from ten regional ethics bowls. This is the third consecutive year...

UCF Team Finishes Strong in Ethics Bowl

November 16, 2010  On Saturday November 13 at the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl in St. Petersburg, our UCF ethics bowl team (Alexander Kaplan, senior, Philosophy; Jessica Fears, junior, Economics; Stephen Oldham, junior, Philosophy and Political Science; Kevin Dupree, senior, Humanities; Ramon Lopez, senior, Political Science; and Catherine Perrault, senior, Molecular Biology) participated in...

Gallagher to Present at the Free University in Berlin

November 04, 2010  A conference, “The Socially Extended Mind,” focusing on Philosophy Professor Shaun Gallagher’s research on embodied social cognition and its relation to critical theory is scheduled to take place at the Free University in Berlin on March 21-22, 2011, sponsored by the Working Group on Languages of Emotion in Philosophy of...

Gallagher Speaks at New York Academy of Sciences

November 04, 2010  Shaun Gallagher will be participating as an invited speaker in the New York Academy of Sciences meetings on the topic “Perspectives on the Self: Conversations on Identity and Consciousness” in April 2011. Gallagher is editor of the Oxford Handbook of the Self (to be published by OUP in early 2011).

2009-2010 Research Incentive Award winners

May 05, 2010  The College of Arts and Humanities announces the 2009-2010 recipients of Research Incentive Awards: Mark Kamrath – English Keith Folse – Modern Languages Kristin Congdon – Philosophy See the 2008-2009 RIA award winners.

Milan students explore Gallagher's Phenomenological Mind

November 04, 2009  A group at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan has organized a Winter School for graduate students to discuss the Italian translation of The Phenomenological Mind, authored by Shaun Gallagher and Dan Zahavi. More information is available online here

Philosophy Gets Creative with Ethics

September 15, 2009  Michael Strawser’s proposal on Applying Creativity to Research in Ethics has been accepted for presentation at the 2009 Florida Statewide Symposium, Engagement in Undergraduate Research on September 25, 2009. How should we think about the many ethical dilemmas that face us today? How should research in current ethical dilemmas be...

Gallagher attends conference with Dalai Lama

April 22, 2009  Shaun Gallagher participated in an invitation-only conference with the Dalai Lama and eight other scientists in Dharamsala, India at the Dalai Lama’s residence. The theme of the conference was Attention, Memory and the Mind and was sponsored by the Mind and Life Institute. Gallagher presented his research on embodiment and...

Dr. Shelley Park Granted Sabbatical for Spring 2010

March 06, 2009  Dr. Park is working on a book, tentatively titled “Real (M)others: The Metaphysics of Maternity in Adoptive, Queer, and Blended Families.” The central philosophical question posed by and explored in her work is “What is a real mother?” Interweaving personal narrative and theoretical reflection, Park explores the emotional and philosophical...

Harry Coverston Awarded CAH Undergraduate Teaching Award

March 04, 2009  Dr. Harry Coverston was awarded the distinguished Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award this year.

Dr. Nancy Stanlick Awarded First Annual UCF Creed Award for Integrity

March 04, 2009  Dr. Nancy Stanlick has been awarded the UCF Creed Award in Integrity. The UCF Creed Award was created in an effort to honor the individuals who exemplify the tenants of the UCF Creed.

Shaun Gallagher receives Distinguished Researcher Award

March 03, 2009  Shaun Gallagher has been selected to receive the 2008-2009 Distinguished Researcher Award for the College of Arts and Humanities. Shaun Gallagher’s research is conducted in the area of philosophical phenomenology, the philosophy of mind and the cognitive sciences. His work is highly interdisciplinary and draws not only from philosophy, but...

Gallagher lectures at Harvard and Rutgers

September 14, 2008  Shaun Gallagher presents two lectures at Harvard University and one at Rutgers University on embodied cognition.

Gallagher directs summer program at University of San Marino

September 14, 2008  Shaun Gallagher directs a summer school for graduate students and postdocs sponsored by a grant from the European Science Foundation on the topic of “Social Cognition and Social Narrative” at the University of San Marino.

Cash lectures at Ecole Normale Supériure

September 14, 2008  Mason Cash is Visiting Professor at Ecole Normale Supériure in Lyon, France, in May and June. He conducts research on the philosophy of mind and gives a lecture on representation.

Janz teaches at Rhodes University in South Africa

September 14, 2008  Bruce Janz spends the 2008 summer term at Rhodes University in South Africa. He teaches a seminar on African philosophy and conducts research for a new book.

Gallagher publishes new book

September 14, 2008  Shaun Gallagher’s new book Brainstorming: Views and Interviews on the Mind is published by Imprint Academic. The book is an introduction to the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and it includes excerpts from a series of interviews that Gallagher conducted with some of the world’s leading neuropsychologists and cognitive...

Jean-Michel Roy joins Philosophy as Visiting Research Professor

September 14, 2008  Jean-Michel Roy, Professor of Philosophy at the Ecole Normale Supériure in Lyon, France, is Visiting Research Professor in the Philosophy Department for the month of September. Dr. Roy studies analytic philosophy of mind and phenomenology with a special focus on the notion of representation. His current research is on intersubjectivity....

Gallagher lectures in Berlin

September 14, 2008  Shaun Gallagher is a visiting scholar at the Zentrum für Literatur-und Kulturforschung (ZfL) in Berlin. He presents a lecture on embodied social cognition.