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Center for Humanities and Digital Research

The purpose of the CHDR is to initiate and support both advanced research and teaching in the humanities and arts, and interdisciplinary scholarship within the humanities and with other disciplines. The institute provides space, resources, expertise, programming, and digital research support both for individuals and scholars who seek to collaboratively address issues of central concern to our time and place, to connect history to the present, and to explore new ways of understanding, and educating others about, the diversity of cultures and ideas in our society and around the globe.

Ethics Center

The College of Arts & Humanities and the Department of Philosophy are currently involved in an initiative to create a Ethics Center at UCF. The proposed Ethics Center will support a set of interdisciplinary projects informed by a firm foundation in the philosophical ethics traditions. It will sponsor research, lectures, conferences, and other academic projects that explore ethical issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The work of the center will be focused on several important initiatives and includes projects organized both by schools and departments in the College of Arts and Humanities and by other colleges and research centers.

Initiative for Ethics in Entertainment and Media

Together with the Philosophy Department, the School of Communication, the Film and Digital Media Departments, as well as other interested departments the Initiative for Ethics in Entertainment and Media will focus on ethical issues that pertain to practices in the entertainment and news media. These includes a wide range of questions about

  • the fair reporting of news and information
  • journalistic integrity
  • honesty in academic and scientific publications
  • accuracy in the media representation of various viewpoints, including racial, gender, ethnic, religious and business perspectives
  • privacy of information
  • internet crime
  • censorship

Initiative for Ethics in New Sciences and Technologies

Ethics in New Sciences and Technologies will be a second specialized initiative to support research of ethical issues in nanoscience, genetic engineering, neurosciences, artificial intelligence and robotics, and space related sciences. The Center will sponsor projects in:

  • Nanoethics: the effects of nanoscience/nanotechnology on health, privacy, and quality of life. Nanoscience includes the possibility of sensory enhancement and protracted longevity, but also unintended consequences that may develop as the technology advances. The Philosophy Department already participates in NSF funded programs with AMPAC and with CREOL here at UCF, providing the Ethics in Research component of their Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs
  • Bioethics: the effects of advances in biomedical sciences and research in genetics
  • Neuroethics: the effects of research in the cognitive neurosciences and the technology of neuro-enhancement, issues that are closely related to questions about the nature of agency, free will and human interaction. Related issues in the cognitive sciences that involve advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and group cognition will also be supported
  • Ethics in space sciences


UCF Philosophical Society

The UCF Philosophical Society was formed as an official UCF student organization in August 2002. There are regular meetings and new members are welcome from all disciplines. Please visit the Philosophical Society’s website for more information.”

The advisor for the UCF Philosophical Society is Dr. Michael Strawser. The officers are the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

Religious Studies Club

The Religious Studies Club mission is to spread knowledge and understanding of the various religions as well as cultures from all over the globe by offering an exciting way to meet new people and to truly look at every religion from different point of views. For more information visit their Facebook Page.

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